This Is Not Food. It Is Product.

The front of the package says “Meatless, Gourmet, Delicious!” Take a look at the ingredients.

Three out of the first four are highly processed non-foods which I go to pretty great lengths to exclude from my life.

Vital wheat gluten is de-starched wheat protein. If you’re an ex-vegetarian like I am, you’ve eaten seitan, which is made from wheat gluten. It made my entire insides extremely unhappy.

Fast forward 20 years. I gave up gluten for the 30 days of my first Paleo challenge. When it was over, I ate some bread, and instantly realized that, while not a person with celiac, I felt much, much better on a gluten-free diet. So the idea of eating a food product where the top ingredient is a highly processed and intestinally challenging bulking agent attempting to masquerade as meat, which is a healthy whole food humans are actually evolved to eat, is pretty unappealing to me, and it should be to you, too.

Canola oil is another extremely processed industrial product. Read the details in the link for the whole sordid story. The Tofurkey package makes a point of saying their canola oil is non-GMO, but because of the stranglehold Monsanto has on the seed market, and their lovely tendency to pollute it with GMO crops, I don’t trust that claim as far as I can throw it. 

Tofu is, in this country, a highly processed by-product of the soy animal feed industry (itself a horrifying story) that was cleverly repackaged and marketed to people as an ancient food of health. I’m not buying it. If I went to Asia and was offered traditionally-prepared tofu in the context of a traditional diet, I would eat it. Any tofu from a factory in the United States can kiss my white ass, because that’s as close to my digestive tract as it’s getting.

Let’s just call it what it is. Tofu is a hack created by people with insufficient access to animal protein. I don’t have that problem.

Additionally, the evidence is mounting furiously in support of the claim that the explosion of industrial soy products in our food stream is responsible for a whole host of scary health issues. The fact that an entire generation of folks believe foods with “soy” as the first ingredient are HEALTH FOODS is deeply galling to me.

Eat whole foods, as unprocessed as possible.

"Meatless, gourmet, delicious?"  "Processed, empty, expensive." PEE for short. Junk food for real.

Time for lunch.